Project Planning

The core of projection is the analysis of your operating procedures.The core of projection is the analysis of your operating procedures. They show which logistical and constructional requirements, extensions and optimisation are needed and shall be carried out.

We develop with you a logistical optimal project with ideal structures to save time and money.




Our services:

  • Fact finding mission
  • Development of specification profile and analysis of demands
  • Elevation of building regulations
  • Process structure and logistical concept
  • Definition of required structural shell and its design
  • Design of open spaces and flow of traffic
  • Incorporation of local regulations
  • First definition of materials
  • Energy concept
  • Cost estimation
  • Rough estimate of possible public funding
  • Estimated time schedule for next steps

Your requirements are our main focus.

At the end of this phase the basic solution is clear, the basic engineering is ready, the materials and costs are defined, possible public funding is stated, authorities are informed and an attuned time schedule is in place.

 You know about the project and the main milestones and can decide about the implementation.