While engineering and constructing green-conscious and future-oriented properties, we yet bear in mind the economic efficiency of your company. We focus on:

  • Reorganisation of your operating processes
  • Possible use of unused heat and cold
  • Alternative generation of energy
  • Public funding and optimisation consulting
  • Energy saving and cost reduction

With us you save energy and time

Ecoprojekt offers engineering and construction for your ideal property to its full extent: Building materials, heat insulation, heating storage, use of alternative energy, renewable energy, and energy retrieval concepts. Be it a new building or reconstruction – we find your tailor-made solution including possible public funding.

We respond to your needs individually to find the right solution for you. It saves energy and optimises your working process and at the same time decreases your running costs. From the beginning we pay attention to the total cost of ownership of your property. These are subsequent costs of running your company:

  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Insurance
  • Energy costs
  • Changes
  • Extensions
  • Possible letting or sale

Public funding decreases your acquisition costs

Many building contractors dread the authorities or the formalities, which go hand in hand with a public funding project. Often the overview is missing as from county to county criteria for the financial grants differ. Our long-term experience gives us the overview – we know exactly how you can reduce your budget with public funding through an energy optimisation project and therefore also release resources for special requests. We prepare your documents and submit the application. In other projects we could decrease your building costs between 5 to 30 %.

Energy household

Energy optimisation means thermal and energy-efficient engineering of your property. We engineer above the official requirements and use best insulating thickness and building materials for your needs – also a zero-energy-property (energy-self-sufficient) represents no problem.

The future-oriented buildings of today will be the standard in ten years –

Standards today are out-dated in ten years!

The use of renewable raw materials, like biomass for heating, as well as the employment of renewable energy sources, as for example warm water through solar collectors, ground water, geothermic or photovoltaic, reduce your running costs in your company.

Not only heating but also cooling systems produce heat. We analyse where heat is generated at the moment in your operating process and in which areas heat is needed. We return this heat into your operating process = energy retrieval.

We optimise your operating procedures and processes

Ideal processes and structures ensure the optimal allocation and use of space as well as the shortest ways. This results in the least transit time and costs. The optimal supply-chain management ensures reduced resources and storage costs.

A clear separation of interfaces of delivery, production, distribution, forwarder and receipt of returns prevents loss. It ensures a 100 % control of the flow of goods from entering the company through the production process to the dispatch department and even to the final customer. You create a clear structure of competence and responsibility.

As logistic consultant of your company we analyse these structures, and show open potential. We elaborate a proposal for your internal structure and develop a solution for your distribution and logistics.

Clear structure, traceability of goods and optimized processes ensure your advantage. You can operate faster, more precise, better and with higher revenue by notable reduction of loss and defective goods and lower your stock levels and costs.

You are ahead of your time and set economical standards with your energy and process optimised property – in the same way as your undertaking operates. With foresightful mind-set and action you beneficially position your company on the market. You make a positive contribution to your company and the environment. You can easily look at future increase of energy prices.