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P: +43 676 920 14 06
A – 3335 Weyer, Bahnpromenade 16


A – 2512 Tribuswinkel, Gartengasse 26


P: +43 1 6621025
F: +43 1 6621025 – 6645
A – 1230 Vienna, Altmannsdorfer Straße 154-156 / Unit 2


Registered Office: Tribuswinkel, Gartengasse 26
Construction Company, Member of Chamber of Commerce – Department Construction, Master Builder, Austria
UID: ATU 73635603
Commercial Registry No.: FN 496840y
Court for Commercial Registry: Wr. Neustadt
Regulatory Authority: Magistrate of Vienna City MA 63 (Wipplinger Strasse 8, 1010 Vienna)


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